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About Curly’s Bar

Curlys BarCurly’s Bar is open 7 days and has good beer, spirits, NZ wines, an off-licence, great food, internet access, Sky TV and pool tables. Curly’s Bar is situated in the heart of Waitomo Caves Village and has lovely views of nearby hills. It is only a short walk from the Top 10 Holiday Park and the Kiwi Paka Waitomo. Why not come in, relax, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and talk to the locals over a pint or two! Curly’s Bar is a kiwi classic owned and run by Curly and Crusty. If your stopping in Waitomo or just passing by, a stop at Curly’s for food and a cold drink is a must. With a full menu and stocked up bar year round and good time to boot. Accommodation less than 2 minutes walk at Kiwi Paka. You can be sure it is the place to be!!

About King Country Brewing Co

King Country Brewing Co

Curly’s Bar is the home of the KCBC brewery and host Curly’s signature IPA beer on tap, exclusively at Curly’s Bar. KCBC is a small (2000L) brewery situated in the heart of the tourist village of Waitomo Caves. We produce unique, fresh, flavor focused beers from a high-tech, custom designed SmartBrew™ Brewery. Brewing in small batches allows us the flexibility to push the envelope and showcase our distinctive beers at their finest, fresh from the brewery. We believe that beer tastes best coming out of a tap in the company of good friends, which is why you will only find our products available on tap at trusted bars spread throughout the King Country. Or you can come fill a growler at Curlys Bar in Waitomo Caves to enjoy our beers at home.

About Kiwi Paka Waitomo

Waitomo Kiwi PakaLess then 2 minutes walk is Kiwi Paka, Curly & Crusty’s Recommended place to stay in the heart of the Waitomo village. Green and spacious, Kiwi Paka Waitomo is a special experience. When it opened in 2002, people wanted to stay and pizzas were flying out the door before complex had officially opened. Everyone loved the special feeling the place had. In 2009 Crusty and Curly decided on a new venture and took over Kiwi Paka. They are good hosts at both the Curlys Bar and at Kiwi Paka. Crusty is Passionate about Waitomo, his Dad was one of the founders of Tourism in Waitomo and key to its success. Crusty continues that legacy. Curly has been in the district for over 20 years and knows all the locals likes and dislikes. He is a true Waitomo character, warm and hospitable.